Monday, June 6, 2016

Long time, no see. There are some changes coming. Again. I've decided to do a fashion/beauty/hair/home decor blog. It's called Hermit Chic. There's not much to see there yet but there will be. And I'm going to keep this one, but I'm going to use it to focus on writing. No definite timeline on these changes but they're going to happen. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Friday, April 22, 2016

F5 - Duchess Catherine's Coats

For this week's Friday Five, I'm featuring my five favorite coats that Duchess Catherine has worn. Plus an honorable mention. Because I can. I was going to feature my five favorite all-time looks but I decided to get more mileage out of her fashion by featuring just the coats this time. Currently, she's my favorite fashion inspiration so you're going to be seeing a lot of her on the blog as I try to figure out my wardrobe. Well, let's get on with the post ...

#5 - Bright Pink Coat

Honestly, this coat is included because of the color. I've mentioned before that I love the color pink so it shouldn't surprise you. And as far as Kate's coats go, I like the design of others better than this one.

#4 - Lavender Brocade Coat

Oh man, I love this coat. The color. The brocade. The style. She could send me this coat. I'd be completely okay with that.

#3 - Ruffle-Edged Trench

I love how the ruffle at the bottom makes this coat feminine without being too girly. I want to make a trench like this except in navy.

#2 - Purple Long Coat

I love the color of this coat, but I think this is my favorite style of coat. If the pink one had been this style, it hands-down would be my favorite.

Honorable Mention - Red Long Coat

Let's just take a moment to admire the coat that barely missed out on being #5. I'm fairly certain it's nearly identical in style to the purple one I just showed. I'm not a fan of wearing this color, but it looks great on Kate.

#1 - Plaid Coat

How great is this coat? I don't know what's better: the adorable flared skirt portion or the plaid. I don't know. It's an awesome coat. That's for sure.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Auction Haul

This past weekend my brother's church held an auction to support its mission trip to Honduras. My mom and I went because my nephew asked (actually just dropped all the details on us and then looked at us expectantly). When a kid gives you that look, you have to follow through unless there's a damn good reason not to. 

First was the silent auction which is where I got all my goods, so we'll discuss it in detail later. Then there was dinner followed by the dessert auction and the live auction. The dessert auction was pretty funny. The auction was for dibs. So when the pastor would take the highest bidder, they had to race to the dessert table to pick their dessert because almost immediately he'd send up the next highest bidder to pick their dessert. My mom and I sat at a table with my brother's friend and his family and they bought a super delicious cheesecake pie thing. Soooo good. I think I'm going to try to duplicate it in the future at some point. The live auction was pretty funny but that was mostly because the pastor acting as auctioneer was cracking jokes. Nothing particularly interesting about it beyond that though.

Now to rewind to the beginning of the evening and the silent auction. The tables were lined up in the hallways of the church and each hallway closed at a different time. First, we made a complete lap to check out what was available. I made a list of the things we were eyeing and what hall they were in and what time the auction for that hall closed. After we completed the lap, I took a few minutes to go through my list and narrow it down to the items I was for sure going to bid on and approximately what I wanted to spend on them. 

Then I made a second lap around making my initial bids. After that, it was pretty close to the time that the first hallway closed so I went back to make hawkeye my only bid in that hallway, a pretty red-headed porcelain doll wearing a sweet pink dress. And for $10, I won my pretty little doll.

In the next hallway, I had to spread myself a little bit thin. There were four items that I wanted. There was another porcelain doll. This one was a cute little boy wearing fishing gear and holding a fish that I thought might make a cute birthday present for my dad. The nephew asked me to buy him a remote control flying shark, so I bid on that. Unfortunately, I lost out on both of those. People outbid me and went higher than I was willing to pay. 

We had been eyeing a couple games they had, though. There was Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. I ended up bidding on the Forbidden Desert game and won it for $9. Haven't played it yet. Probably won't for a couple weeks. But I'll let you know what it's like after we do.

I also found these cosmetic bags that perfectly go with my whole Pink Parisian Peacock bedroom theme. I know I haven't completely formulated exactly what the details of that theme are yet, but they were so cute I couldn't pass them up and snagged them for $4. 

Then I got to take a rest because there were two hallways that I didn't bid on. So I went and found my mom again, hung out and hawkeyed my last item, a hanging candle holder that had a purple glass in it. I got into a bidding war for a bit with someone. I never did figure out who the other person was. I never saw them writing their bid down. But ha, I persevered and won it for $9.

A small haul, especially compared to other people. The woman in line ahead of me to pay had two pages of items. TWO PAGES. They were printed in itsy bitsy print, My four items take up barely an inch on the page. TWO PAGES! I'm still mind boggled over that one. But regardless of the size of the haul, I'm happy with it.